Typeform To Launch Formless, Its New AI Form Builder

Typeform To Launch Formless, Its New AI Form Builder

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: September 15, 2023

Online form-building company Typeform will soon be launching Formless, its new AI-powered form builder that collects structured data in a way that's "like having a real conversation."

Unlike traditional form builders, Formless focuses on making the process engaging, efficient, and user-friendly. It can be used for lead generation, feedback collection, quizzes, hiring processes, engaging processes, and more.

David Okuniev, Typeform co-founder and current head of R&D at Typeform Labs, describes the new service as "completely open." 

"You give it a prompt in terms of what you want the form to do, you tell it what key info you want to collect, and then the AI just works out the rest," he explains in an interview with DesignRush.

Built on GPT 3.5, Formless will first launch as a beta version before rolling out in the third quarter of this year, according to the service itself.

Where Did the Idea for Formless Come From?

David shared the idea that sparked the company's latest innovation with DesignRush and explained why Formless is separate from its widely used form-building software. 

"Large language models (LLMs) have reached a point that we can integrate them into the idea of Typeform now. We didn't build this into Typeform because implementing AI into the Typeform conversation would be too much of a big thing to do at the moment," he argued. 

While Typeform utilizes AI technology in form-building and analyzing form results, it's not a product based on AI, unlike Formless.

"AI is the foundation of Formless, and everything is built around that. So when you're talking with a form on Formless, you're talking with the AI essentially. On Typeform, you're not quite doing that. It's a predetermined script," David concluded.

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