Google Finishes Rolling Out Its August 2023 Core Update

Google Finishes Rolling Out Its August 2023 Core Update

News by Robin FishleyRobin Fishley
Published: September 08, 2023

Google finally finished rolling out its August 2023 Core Update on Thursday, only 16 days after its initial release on August 22.

The algorithm update, which marks the tech giant's second core update of the year, is essential for online businesses and organizations to determine as it can directly affect how well their websites rank in Google's search results.

Additionally, the timing of Google's periodic updates can help a business or organization determine whether their website's performance has to do with changes they made to their website or changes due to Google's ranking algorithm.

What Has the Update Revealed So Far?

With less than a day since the end of the rollout, Google's latest core update has revealed several algorithmic trends the online SEO community observed.

New York-based SEO Professional Lily Ray shared in a post that Google's latest update has given Reddit, Quora, Stack Exchange, and Stack Overflow, among other forum websites, their "highest SEO visibility levels ever."

Product review websites have also been positively impacted, including NewEgg, PC Mag, TechRadar, and CNET, as per Ray.

DesignRush Sees Major Gains in Organic Traffic, KW Rankings

Our preliminary observations point towards a notable emphasis on the "Expertise" component in the EEAT framework (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). 

Recent chatter among the SEO community, as seen in previous and several other tweets, suggests that Google has possibly rewarded sites that authentically showcase expertise.

This encompasses platforms with firsthand experiences, user-generated content platforms like Reddit, and those that adeptly display expertise in their niches through transparent authorship, tangible product experiences, and manifested industry knowledge.

While comprehensive data on this update is yet to come, early indicators reflect significantly positive outcomes for domains. Most strikingly, we've observed remarkable gains in organic traffic and keyword rankings. 

Specifically, there has been a 37% surge in keywords ranking in the top three positions, coupled with a 17% hike in keywords ranking between the 4th and 10th positions. Furthermore, Google Search Console data indicates a staggering nearly 50% uptick in traffic.

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