What to Expect from OpenAI's First-Ever Developers Conference

What to Expect from OpenAI's First-Ever Developers Conference

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: September 07, 2023

OpenAI will be holding its first-ever developers conference in San Francisco on November 6, but what can we expect from the highly anticipated event?

Tech giants like Apple are known for unveiling product innovations during developer conferences.

In its WWDC event last June, the iPhone maker introduced the world to its new flagship headset Vision Pro, and gave developers the chance to test it out to drive the creation of apps in the new platform.

It also gave audiences a sneak peek of what's to come in its next OS update

While it remains unclear what OpenAI has in store for its conference, the company promises the event would be a space for developers to "preview new tools and exchange ideas."

As stated in its press release, attendees will get the chance to participate in breakout sessions led by OpenAI staff.

What's the Big Reveal?

The AI giant's recent developments may hint at bigger reveals and updates coming. 

Recently, OpenAI rolled out ChatGPT Enterprise, a spin-off of its famous chatbot that caters specifically to businesses and organizations.

It offers corporations better security and privacy, faster access to GPT-4, the ability to process longer inputs via longer context windows, improved data analysis, and customization settings.

With only a little over a week since its release, there's a high potential the company will announce new features and upgrades to the business-focused chatbot during its event.

Last August, OpenAI also made GPT-3.5 Turbo - its most cost-efficient option in the GPT family - available for fine-tuning

"This update gives developers the ability to customize models that perform better for their use cases and run these custom models at scale," the company explained. 

While there's no definite date when the fine-tuning period will end, it may be likely that the tech giant will give developers an update on the fine-tuning progress GPT 3.5 Turbo has made.

Potential GPT Upgrades, GPT-5 Reveal

On August 17, OpenAI announced that it had acquired the New York-based startup Global Illumination to work on core products such as ChatGPT.

Given the startup's history in game development and working with Meta's Instagram and Facebook, Pixar, and Riot Games, developers could also get an idea of the direction OpenAI may be taking with future iterations of ChatGPT.

While it's too soon to tell, it's also not impossible for the tech giant to unveil GPT-4's successor.

At the start of August, reports surfaced of the tech giant submitting a trademark for "GPT-5" during July under the tag "downloadable computer software for using a language model."

Though it's not out of the question, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman openly admitted in a recent event that the development of GPT-5 "takes time."

"We are not certainly close to it. There need to be more safety audits. I wish I could tell you about the timeline of the next GPT," he concluded.

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