WatsonX Invites You to Choose the 'Right AI' In New Spot

WatsonX Invites You to Choose the 'Right AI' In New Spot

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: September 05, 2023

IBM's AI company WatsonX just launched a fresh and fast-paced spot that reminds users to be careful with AI integration.

The 30-second ad "The Right AI" highlights the risks AI poses to businesses when it utilizes unverified data.

"AI has the power to generate solutions, but when using unverified data, it could generate problems," the narrator shares.

Enter IBM's WatsonX, a platform that multiplies output by tailoring AI to the user's needs.

"When you WatsonX your business, you can train. Tune and deploy AI all with trusted data," the narrator explained as the spot ended.

IBM Aims to Introduce WatsonX with Campaign

"The Right AI" spot comes as part of "WatsonX Your Business" - IBM's first ad campaign to introduce the new data platform, made together with creative agency Ogily. 

"The campaign is designed to define and differentiate WatsonX as a force multiplier that can accelerate impact for global business leaders as they look to apply AI solutions in new and innovative ways," IBM wrote in a press release.

IBM SVP of Marketing and Communications Jonathan Adashek shared that the company launched WatsonX to meet the needs of businesses to have "bespoke solutions designed for value creation."

"With this new campaign, we're reinforcing the transformative power of AI for business to multiply output and ultimately help customers improve their outcomes," Adashek noted. 

WatsonX provides businesses with a unified platform for open-source foundation models, which lets them create, deploy, and manage generative AI and traditional machine learning.

"As the ads demonstrate, WatsonX is enabling organizations of all kinds to reap a wide range of benefits with generative AI – from automating customer response times, accelerating code generation, automating key workflows with digital labor in departments such as HR, application modernization, IT automation and more," the company concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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