Nintendo to Drop New Mario-Red Switch OLED Model

Nintendo to Drop New Mario-Red Switch OLED Model

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: September 01, 2023

Gaming giant Nintendo just unveiled a new OLED model inspired by one of its most iconic video characters, Mario. 

The new model, aptly named the "Mario Red Edition," comes with a red console, Joy-Con sticks, and a dock adorned with Mario's signature jumping silhouette on the back.

Super Mario Bros. fans will also be pleased to find Mushroom Kingdom Coins, as they subtly decorate the inside of the dock. 

Nintendo has widely been known for releasing themed consoles in line with the release of its flagship games.

Last April, the Switch maker also launched a special edition Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED switch as a tie-in for releasing the much-awaited Breath of the Wild sequel. 

This time, the OLED Switch Mario-Red Edition will drop ahead of the release of the new "Super Mario Bros. Wonder" game announced during Nintendo Direct.

The Secret of Nintendo Marketing

Promoting upcoming games, in-game downloadable content (DLCs), and special products has always been a specialty of the Kyoto-based console maker. 

Jorge Viera, Nintendo Portugal's Product Manager, explained that different target audiences require diverse approaches and social media channels, but the bridge between companies and consumers has shortened over time. 

"More than fresh buzzwords or marketing trends, I think it's critical to establish an emotional connection with your audience and start building a long-term relationship founded on honesty, trust, and good self-awareness around the impact of each product title in the gaming landscape," Viera explained in an exclusive interview with Spotlight earlier this year. 

"Gamers have become increasingly diverse over the years, and gaming marketing should learn how to adapt perfectly to each target audience," he concluded.

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