Jotform Expert Reveals Best Ways to Use Marketing Segmentation

Jotform Expert Reveals Best Ways to Use Marketing Segmentation

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: September 01, 2023

Despite constant changes in marketing trends, an increase in market segmentation has proven effective for successful digital marketing.

By pinpointing details about a specific market, marketing experts can save time and money while launching campaigns.

This also allows them to more easily communicate with the target audience interested in their product or service.

"As a campaign goes out, you can see how it's performing and adjust in real-time if necessary. That is key to an effective marketing campaign," explains Steve Hartert, the VP of Enterprise Sales Operations at Jotform, in an exclusive interview with Spotlight.

When initially setting up Jotform's marketing strategy, Hartert targeted two segments of their customer base, while their marketing message revolved around how those separate segments used Jotform.

"You start crafting your message by understanding how customers play with your product. We were able to do that and then put these pieces out there, and you could see the growth in those segments because then those companies came in and did the very same thing," recalls Hartert.

When tackling marketing segmentation, Hartert insists on leveraging data and establishing a "solid metrics base."

By continuously reviewing the data, Jotform draws valuable conclusions about its customer base and can review and establish what should be achieved.

"Every piece of data we have in our systems is something we need to know about our customers," Hartert concludes.

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