Aflac Puts Health First in Funny Ad Featuring Famous Coaches

Aflac Puts Health First in Funny Ad Featuring Famous Coaches

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: September 01, 2023

Aflac is setting the standard for creative advertising in the health insurance industry.

In its new ad, part of Aflac's campaign focusing on the upcoming college football season, the health insurance provider highlights the gap between health insurance and medical bills.

To attract widespread attention, the new spot "Office Takeover" features legendary U.S. football coaches Nick Saban and Deion "Prime" Sanders.

"While kicking off another college football season, I'll continue advocating for those grappling with medical debt arising from unforeseen medical events - something that hits close to home considering the medical injuries we face during the season," Coach Saban noted. 

Besides the appearance of Saban and Sanders, Aflac's ad features two of the company's animated mascots - Aflac Duck and Gap Goat.

While most audiences may already recognize Aflac Duck, Gap Goat is a new addition to the Aflac family and takes on the antagonist role, symbolizing the gap between health insurance and medical bills.

"How do we get this goat out of here?" asks Coach Saban in the spot, as the animated Gap Goat sits at a desk filing paperwork.

"Office Takeover" perfectly combines a playful and informative tone to create hype for the college football season, raising awareness of health insurance's importance.

"While the Aflac Duck remains a household name, the Gap Goat presents new marketing opportunities to build a story that leverages humor and purpose to help educate fans on the gaps for those facing medical debt," said Teresa White, Aflac's U.S. President. 

The campaign will run on social, digital, and audio platforms, as well as on television and during in-person experiential activations for the football season's most high-profile games.

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