Hornbach's New Ad Redefines Space One Square Meter at a Time

Hornbach's New Ad Redefines Space One Square Meter at a Time

News by Rizelle LeanoRizelle Leano
Published: August 29, 2023

Leading German DIY store chain Hornbach launched a 60-second video ad with a humorous twist earlier this month, asserting that "every square meter deserves to be the best in the world."

The ad, directed by Steve Rogers via TDF Berlin and brought to life by HeimatTBWA, introduces a novel perspective on space.

Handcrafted Spaces, Endless Ideas 

The video’s description on YouTube aptly captures the ad’s message: "A square meter seems small, yet it is an endless space of ideas." 

The ad introduces a man living in a series of one-square-meter-sized rooms. It challenges the notion of confined space, emphasizing the potential for boundless creativity.

The core message is clear: "If it doesn't fit on the floor, it has to go vertical instead." 

Director Steve Rogers collaborated with set designer Steven Jones-Evans, who meticulously handcrafted every element on the screen.

The handmade aesthetics underline the power of creativity in making the most out of limited spaces.  

Guido Heffels from HeimatTBWA, a driving force behind Hornbach's campaigns for over two decades, said that "this film is the embodiment of the HORNBACH brand. We’ve built everything by hand, from the bed to the vertical dining room. No special effects, only ideas." 

How to Enchant With One Square Meter 

The video ad headlines the launch of Hornbach's campaign titled “How to Enchant With One Square Meter.”

It will also include digital out-of-home ads, radio broadcasts, and events, which will gradually roll out from mid-September. 

Real-life one-square-meter projects crafted by artists and designers from eight European countries, including Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, and the Netherlands, will be unveiled as part of the campaign.

These projects, including "The Square Farm," "BBQ Tower," and "Memory Room," redefine creativity and potential within limited spaces. 

The initiative aims to inspire innovative room and space design, especially where affordable living space is scarce, noted Thomas Schnaitmann, Head of International Brand at Hornbach.

“We want to encourage and inspire people to creatively rethink and design rooms and spaces, both within their own four walls and beyond," Schnaitmann argued.

With its latest campaign, Hornbach not only reimagines small spaces but also sets a new benchmark for innovative video marketing that pushes creative boundaries.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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