Berczy's 'Revolutionary' Vodka Spritz Hits U.S. Stores in New Campaign

Berczy's 'Revolutionary' Vodka Spritz Hits U.S. Stores in New Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 24, 2023

British drinks brand Berczy is bringing its award-winning vodka spritz to 45 U.S. states, and it has acquired the help of Boston-based creative agency the Fantastical to launch a fresh new campaign. 

In a 20-second spot entitled "Revolutionary," Berczy founders Nick Graham and Nick Johnson wear red coats and drink Berczy as they debate on the correct way to pronounce "revolutionary."

"We're in America," one argues, as he believes accentuating the "a" is the correct pronunciation for the word.  

In the next spot titled "Go-To Market Strategy," the two founders swipe unlabelled drinks off the table to replace them with a case of each of Berczy's signature flavors - their "go-to market strategy."

In the final spot "London Pouring," the two reprise their roles as "British colonizers" beside the docks, as they go head-to-head with "bland seltzers made with real fruit juice." 

"The British are coming, but this time it's good," the two hilariously claim. 

Throughout its campaign, Berczy was able to establish its clear and humorous brand personality with the help of the Fantastical's strategy, creativity, and execution. 

Michael Ancevic, President of the Fantastical shared his thoughts on working with the spritz brand. 

"Berczy is coming into the U.S. market with a very strong and differentiated product, brand, and positioning. As marketers, we are always searching for and creating a differentiated point of view to help us bring a brand to life and Berczy has all of the ingredients for success built right in," he concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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