Live Goat Takes Center Stage in Panini's New Premier League Campaign

Live Goat Takes Center Stage in Panini's New Premier League Campaign

News by Rizelle LeanoRizelle Leano
Published: August 22, 2023

Iconic sports collectibles brand Panini unveiled a fresh character known as “The GOAT of Swaps” in collaboration with Dark Horses earlier this month.

Renowned for its World Cup sticker albums dating back to 1970, Panini introduced a living, breathing goat as a central figure in its integrated promotional campaign.

This initiative, created by London-based agency Dark Horses, focuses on Panini's Adrenalyn XL trading cards and is set to coincide with the upcoming Premier League season.

Dark Horses' Creative Director, Adam Burns, expressed his enthusiasm for crafting a character for Panini.

"Creating a new character for an iconic brand like Panini has been a dream brief. We aimed to capture the pure joy of completing collections, drawing inspiration from our own experiences of swapping stickers as kids," Burns shared.

The current campaign builds upon last year's GOAT concept with an intriguing twist.

This year, a live goat, adorned with a stylish gold chain, takes on the role of bestowing the esteemed Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) title onto deserving collectors.

Katie Gritt, Panini's Head of Marketing - Sport, shared that "kick-starting a Premier League season is best done by collecting Panini Premier League Adrenalyn X 2024 Trading cards and trading with friends to complete your favorite players' collection."

Last season's campaign for Premier League Adrenalyn XL trading cards marked collectors who fulfilled their needs and completed their collections as “The GOAT of Swaps.”

This time around, the abstract concept materializes in the form of a charismatic real goat that awards the coveted honor to the most accomplished collectors.

Gritt further emphasized the campaign's significance, saying that "this campaign encapsulates the excitement of pivotal swaps in a delightful and pertinent manner."

"The GOAT debate is firmly entrenched in football culture, and our campaign is a fitting tribute to our collectors, enabling them to attain the esteemed status of GOAT of Swap," he concluded.

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