DUDE Wipes Launches Its 1st Brand Campaign in the Most Hilarious Way

DUDE Wipes Launches Its 1st Brand Campaign in the Most Hilarious Way

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 23, 2023

Personal care company DUDE Wipes is launching its first-ever brand campaign with two new spots that are pants-down hilarious.

The "Best Clean, Pants Down" campaign's first 30-second commercial "Drop Your Drawers" shows various men dropping their bottoms in public because DUDE Wipes leaves them feeling confident and clean enough to show off their dirt-free underwear.

"Confidence starts by dropping the toilet paper and picking up DUDE Wipes, the extra large flushable wet wipes that clear instead of smears," the narrator explains. 

In "Re-Learning to Wipe," a teacher teaches her students the proper way of using DUDE Wipes, which is to "wipe, then fold, then wipe - flush away."

She then asks her class why DUDE Wipes cleans better, to which the students respond with some of its benefits: extra large, flushable, and cleans better than dry wipes.

The teacher also demonstrates through an instructional video the science behind the wipes. While dry wipes smear the dirt on car windows, wet wipes clear.

"Just like our butts," one student reacts.

The "Best Wipes, Pants Down" campaign launches today in select cities across the United States and will run on various digital platforms. It will also serve as the brand's first official tagline.

Ryan Meega, co-founder and CMO of DUDE Wipes shared that launching its first national media campaign is exciting for the brand.

"We've been able to do a pretty decent job at marketing over the years but we felt the brand was missing a catchy sell-slogan to bring it all together and take DUDE Wipes to the next level," he explained. 

Because of this, the company has tasked ad agency Curiosity with coming up with a "Big Idea" that would communicate the brand's fun nature, as well as its product's benefits over toilet paper.

"They hit it out of the park with ‘Best Clean, Pants Down’, the spots are the perfect mix of funny while enlightening consumers that dry toilet paper is not getting the job done like they think it is, DUDE Wipes get the crap that toilet paper leaves behind," Meega added.

Meanwhile, Curiosity creative director Matt Gragnolin explained that the company's challenge for the agency was clear - to "make DUDE Wipes famous."

"To do that, we knew we had to write the catchiest song about grown adults wiping their bum-bums and dropping trou known to man," he concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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