Ritz-Carlton Puts Digital First with Web Design Refresh

Ritz-Carlton Puts Digital First with Web Design Refresh

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: August 17, 2023

The Ritz-Carlton enters a new era by elevating its digital experience through a fresh approach to website design.

The hospitality company unveiled an online approach to further its guests’ luxury experience across 110 individual hotel websites, as well as for the Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

Collaborating with digital agency Code and Theorywhich has previously done work for luxury brands like LVMH and Vogue, ensured that the Ritz-Carlton's web design reflect its recognizable brand values of “elegance, sophistication, and service.”

“We are incredibly excited to unveil a new digital experience for our guests, which is representative of the future vision of The Ritz-Carlton brand and reflects the more contemporary aesthetic found across our recently debuted hotels and resorts,” said Chris Gabaldon, the Senior Vice President of Global Luxury Operations at Marriott International.

Ritz-Carlton Web Design
(Source: The Ritz-Carlton)

The website’s typography highlights the brand’s recognizable aesthetic, inspired by its iconic and collectible key cards.

On the other hand, immersive videos leverage the innovative digital experience by providing a key entry point for potential guests before they have even entered a Ritz-Carlton in person.

“Showcasing its own distinct aesthetic, the Ritz-Carlton Reserve website complements that of The Ritz-Carlton, while reinforcing the brand extension’s position in the ultra-luxury space,” Marriott International said in a blog post.

The reveal of its new branding approach through website design signalizes that Ritz-Carlton is no longer relying solely on its hospitality legacy and is beginning to focus on a new-and-improved digital presence.

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