EasyJet Saves Family Holidays from Cringey Dads with 'Dad's Club'

EasyJet Saves Family Holidays from Cringey Dads with 'Dad's Club'

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 17, 2023

British travel company EasyJet Holidays just launched a hilarious new campaign that saves families on vacation from their cringe-inducing dads. 

According to research conducted by EasyJet, 54% of British teenagers feel that their dads embarrass them on holidays, while 43% can't remember a holiday without an embarrassing moment courtesy of their father. 

Enter EasyJet's "Dad's Club," the company's solution to making the holidays a less embarrassing time - for the family, at least. 

In a one-minute spot, EasyJet introduces its new club that offers "fun for dads, and a cringe-free hour for mums and kids." 

"We all love a family holiday, but when dads let their hair down, it's a cringe-fest!" narrates comedian Omid Djalili, as one of the dads does an embarrassing robot dance in front of his wife and daughter.

In Dad's Club, fathers can enjoy various activities like air guitar lessons, frisbee mastery, fashion shows, comedy development programs for sharpening their dad jokes, and synchronized dad dancing.

"Watch your dad transform from embarrassing tourist to holiday hero," Djalili shares, as he rocks a signature dad look complete with a Hawaiian shirt, floral necklace, and socks with sandals.

Dad's Club will open between August 24 and 25 at Holiday World Polynesia at Costa del Sol, and interested dads can book their place at the resort on EasyJet's website.

"It’s a rite of passage for us Dads to embarrass our kids. It comes with the job," Djalili explained in a statement.

"So I’m very proud to have teamed up with easyJet Holidays to unveil a new club just for Dads. A safe space to learn how to throw a frisbee, dance without pulling a muscle, and craft brilliant jokes for the 21st century.”

Meanwhile, EasyJet Holidays customer director Matt Callaghan believes embarrassment is a part of the holiday package when dads are around, that's why they created Dad's Club.

"We offer some incredible resorts for the whole family, but now we’re upping our offer for Dads. At Dad’s Club our customers will get a unique opportunity to hone their cool skills while making new friends and memories to last a lifetime," he explained.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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