Audi Captures the Experience of Riding a Q8 in AI Art

Audi Captures the Experience of Riding a Q8 in AI Art

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 17, 2023

German carmaker Audi just launched a new creative campaign that uses AI to visualize the experience of being in its new Q8 Sportback e-tron model.

The "Feel the Art of Audi" campaign highlights the future of premium electric vehicles (EVs) in design, attention to detail, and performance. In a one-minute spot from Bensimon Byrne, Canadian supermodel Coca Rocha gets behind the wheels of the Q8 and takes it out for a spin. 

"I believe that embracing technology allows us to redefine the possibilities of progress, an enhanced human experience in unimaginable ways," Rocha narrates. 

As she drives the car, biometric sensors are capturing her natural reactions in real-time, before being interpreted by an AI art generator "to truly express the feeling of its stunning design."

Her reactions ranged from awe to exhilaration and serenity - all of which were represented by the AI in a wide array of colors interacting with each other like sand. 

Feel the Art of Audi was created by the advertising agency Bensimon Byrne and produced by Free Society.

The Art of AI

Joseph Ottorino, Audi Canada's head of marketing, explained that the goal of the company's new campaign is to tell a compelling story, rather than just showcasing a series of features.

“This concept not only precisely captured the feeling of experiencing the Q8 e-tron models, but did it through an AI-generated visual masterpiece,” Ottorino explained.

Utilizing AI to create visuals has been a common trend across automotive marketing in the past year.

Recently, Volkswagen released a heartwarming campaign that reunited the renowned Brazilian singer Elis Regina with her daughter, as they drove side-by-side in their classic Volkswagen Kombi model.

With Audi's Feel the Art of Audi campaign, AI was used as a driving factor in showcasing the feeling of driving their premium EV.

“The AI experiment was a compelling factor," Ottorino explained.

Joseph Bonnici, CCO for Bensimon Byrne’s parent company Tadiem, explained that standing out as an EV brand is both a challenge and an opportunity as the category matures.

“When you drive a vehicle you love, it creates an emotional reaction, and that insight provided us with the inspiration to measure and visualize a devoted Audi driver’s reaction to the Q8,” he shared.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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