La-Z-Boy Introduces Ultimate Recliner for Introverts in New Ad

La-Z-Boy Introduces Ultimate Recliner for Introverts in New Ad

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: August 15, 2023

"We’re standing for our right to be lazy," begins the new La-Z-Boy commercial, opening the doors for the iconic furniture brand’s platform Long Live the Lazy.

La-Z-Boy is reclaiming the meaning of being "lazy" with its national advertising campaign to modernize the brand’s tone and reach new audiences after 96 years in the furniture market.

The brand’s hilarious spot, "We The Lazy," features a cast of characters making the most of "lazy time" with a variety of La-Z-Boy models.

But the shining star of the "Long Live the Lazy" platform is certainly the brand’s consumer activation, giving customers the opportunity to win the AI-powered Decliner.

The prototype is a unique model of the La-Z-Boy recliner that leverages artificial intelligence to allow its owner to generate AI-powered cancellation excuses via SMS with the simple pull of the recliner handle.

A true dream comes true for those that would rather stay home, three Decliners are available and will be awarded through an online contest for those that can come up with the most creative cancellation excuses on social media.

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"La-Z-Boy is focused on reaching a broader set of customers by showing we understand the role our transformational comfort plays in their day-to-day lives," stated Christy Hoskins, the Vice President and CMO at La-Z-Boy.

"As a result, the brand will show up in places it never has before, including sports networks, streaming music, and mobile gaming, all of which perfectly complement moments of laziness," she concluded. 

By tapping into everyone’s secret desire to be lazy with its new platform, La-Z-Boy is pushing its much-loved furniture to a new target audience and broadening its existing consumer base.

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