This Is How Amazon Leverages AI to Enhance User Experience, AWS

This Is How Amazon Leverages AI to Enhance User Experience, AWS

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Published: August 15, 2023

AI is the future, and Amazon is one step ahead in leveraging the technology not only by integrating it into its services but also by making it easier to use for other companies.

This morning, the eCommerce giant announced that it will be using generative AI to give a general summary of a product's customer reviews, so customers no longer have to sift through dozens of individual reviews before making a decision.

"We want to make it even easier for customers to understand the common themes across reviews, and with the recent advancements in generative AI, we believe we have the technical means to address this long-standing customer need," the company wrote in a blog post.

The general summary will be seen as a short paragraph next to the product detail page, highlighting the features of the product and how customers feel about it.

"For example, a customer looking to understand whether a product is easy to use can easily surface reviews mentioning 'ease of use' by tapping on that product attribute under the review highlights," it explained.

Amazon's new AI-powered customer feature is available now to select mobile shoppers in the U.S. across a wide selection of products.


AWS Turns to AI to Support Businesses

The company isn't just using generative AI, it is also making it easier to use for companies through its Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amazon Bedrock is one of the company's platforms accomplishing this. It's a service that creates Foundation Models (FMs) and makes them available through APIs. From here, companies can choose FMs to their liking and use them to develop apps.

Atul Deo, Product and Engineering General Manager at Amazon Bedrock, told Digital Trends that these models are trained on a "large corpus of data," and there's a cutoff point once they're trained.

“For example, January of 2023, then the model doesn’t have any information after that point, but companies want data, which is private,” he explained.

Deo also shared that users may want to be able to ask the model questions and get answers, but it would not be very helpful if it can only answer questions based on "stale public data."

This is where FMs come in, as users want to be able to feed their model with useful information to get relevant answers. "That is one of the core problems that it solves,” Deo added.

As businesses sometimes struggle to make the shift to AI, AWS helps accelerate their progress by making models that are easy to use, keep their data secure, and adjust to their needs.

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