Camp Lucky, Chuck Schiller Bring Life to Carl's Jr. Campaign

Camp Lucky, Chuck Schiller Bring Life to Carl's Jr. Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 11, 2023

Creative agency Camp Lucky and longtime agency creative and strategic consultant Chuck Schiller shared their experiences in developing a distinct brand look for the fast-food chain Carl's Jr.

The two have recently worked on the relaunch campaign for one of Carl's Jr's most-beloved burgers, the El Diablo.

The 15-second spot highlighted the burger's unique ingredients in quick, mouthwatering shots, as fire blazed in the background. 

"This collaboration product of longtime working relationships steeped in trust, creativity and a commitment to a new way of working that emphasizes seamless integration between clients, creative partners, and production teams," Camp Lucky shared in a statement. 

Meanwhile, Schiller praised Camp Lucky for working with "respect, admiration, and efficiency."

"For me, Camp Lucky - with whom I have worked with for decades - has been an invaluable partner and has seamlessly adapted to this new model based on getting more done, more efficiently, with fewer people involved."

"I’ve never seen a team that was able to accomplish so much, with the highest production and craft levels, all with new economic advantages, which is made possible by our creative history and mutual respect," he shared.

Camp Lucky's Post Production EP Kendall Kendall also praised Chuck's confidence, which allowed the agency to "design the best team for each phase of content." 

“It’s a collaboration where everyone is connected to the overarching goal and vision.”

Carl's Jr's El Diablo burger made its way back to the stores last month and will run until August 15.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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