Pepsi Zero Sugar Hailed as 'Official Zero' for Upcoming NFL Season

Pepsi Zero Sugar Hailed as 'Official Zero' for Upcoming NFL Season

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 10, 2023

Soft drink company Pepsi has been dubbed the "Official Soft Drink" of the National Football League (NFL) for over 20 years.

Now, the two establishments have taken their partnership to new heights by introducing Pepsi Zero Sugar as the new "Official Zero of the NFL" for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

This year's NFL season marks a milestone for the league, as it is the first time players will be able to sport jerseys with the number zero.

Pepsi saw this as a marketing opportunity to highlight its Zero Sugar offering and prove that "Zero has never tasted (or looked) so good, both on and off the field."

In line with the team-up, the company has tapped on Philadelphia Eagles running back D'Andre Swift - who shared that he'd be sporting the number zero during the season - to give away No. 0 NFL player jerseys from various teams to fans nationwide.

"The Eagles helped bring the idea of No. 0 jerseys to the NFL, and I'm looking forward to being the first player in the team's history to wear this number," Swift said in a press release.

Those interested in winning one of the 100 jerseys can head to Pepsi Zero Jersey between August 9 and September 17, where they can sign up to join the giveaway. 

Melissa Duhaime, Director of Sports Marketing at PepsiCo, believes there couldn't be a more perfect time for Pepsi Zero Sugar to show up for football fans.

"As a longtime NFL partner, Pepsi is proud to have Pepsi Zero Sugar declared the 'Official Zero of the NFL' and elevate fans' gameday experiences by gearing up with the first-ever No. 0 jerseys. We look forward to seeing all the unapologetic fans that join TeamZero this year," she shared. 

Throughout the season, Pepsi will also be rolling out other marketing initiatives, such as the "Zero Games Ticket Giveaway" which helps fans to score tickets and watch their first live NFL game, and the fan-voted Pepsi Zero Sugar Rookie of the Week and Rookie of the Year program.

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