Zoom Denies It's Training AI without User Consent

Zoom Denies It's Training AI without User Consent

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 09, 2023

Video communications platform Zoom denied allegations claiming that it is training its artificial intelligence (AI) on its users' calls without their consent.

"We’ve updated our terms of service (in section 10.4) to further confirm that we will not use audio, video, or chat customer content to train our artificial intelligence models without your consent," Zoom wrote in a blog post

The company further reassured that it is committed to transparency and user control, and will provide clarity on its approach to Zoom's AI features, as well as customer content sharing for improving its products.

"Our goal is to enable Zoom account owners and administrators to have control over these features and decisions, and we’re here to shed light on how we do that and how that affects certain customer groups," it added.

In March, Zoom unveiled new generative AI functions to its Zoom IQ Assistant tool, which helps users summarize meetings, create email responses, and with whiteboard generation. 

The new features were made available in June as a free trial.

Shortly after these features were unveiled, users began to notice changes to its terms of service, fearing that the software development company endangered users' privacy and enabled AI training using their personal data. 

The latest change to the terms of service acts as a response to users' concerns. 

"Your content is used solely to improve the performance and accuracy of these AI services. And even if you chose to share your data, it will not be used for training of any third-party models," Zoom concluded.

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