'Everything Starts with A Swipe' in Tinder's Latest Campaign

'Everything Starts with A Swipe' in Tinder's Latest Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 08, 2023

Dating app company Tinder just launched a commercial series highlighting the endless possibilities of swiping right to a potential match.

The first 15-second spot titled "Summer Fling" shows a couple seen lying down in ethereal backgrounds portraying the different seasons of the year. 

"You got on Tinder to find a 'summer fling,' but you accidentally found a fall, winter, and spring fling," the narrator says before the pair finally shares a kiss.

In another spot titled "You Took Him Home," a woman takes her Tinder date to her place.

As the two lean in for a kiss, the background slowly morphs from a bedroom into a dining hall, revealing that she had introduced him to her family. 

Tinder's series of ethereal video ads are all part of its larger "It Starts With A Swipe" campaign that launched earlier this year.

It takes inspiration from the "next generation of daters" with a focus on the Gen-Z market of daters.

In June, the dating platform launched the 30-second spot "Going All The Way" which features a couple that went from a one-night stand, to "going all the way" to the other side of the world for wedding plans. 

The spots were created by the New York-based creative agency Mischief and will run across TV and social media channels.

"We've cracked a brand platform for the long term that truly reflects the bold, unapologetic, and unignorable shift in how youth culture approaches dating and relationships," Tinder global chief marketer Melissa Hobley shared in a statement.

"Mischief nailed the vision and message in placing a big bet on showing all of the unique adventures that people find on Tinder through really striking, fun creative that invites Gen-Z to come swipe through their own possibilities," she concluded.

Edited by Nikola Djuric

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