Microsoft Rolls Out Spatial Audio for Teams

Microsoft Rolls Out Spatial Audio for Teams

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: August 02, 2023

Software development giant Microsoft just rolled out spatial audio for Teams as a way of "improving communication and reducing meeting fatigue" for users in conferences.

With the new feature, the voices of members in a call will sound more spread out, distributed to where they are situated on a user's screen, which lowers the cognitive load, according to the company.

"Spatial audio aims to mimic an in-person conversation by spatially separating the voices of individual meeting participants, which results in a more natural listening experience," it wrote in a blog post on Tuesday. 

The feature is available on all desktop applications and can be accessed by heading to Settings and then Devices to turn on spatial audio. 

However, Microsoft noted that users will need a stereo-capable device like wired headsets or stereo-capable laptops for the feature to work.

"Bluetooth devices are currently not supported due to protocol limitation. Next generation LE Audio with stereo-enabled Bluetooth devices will be supported," it added.

The tech giant first tested spatial audio in April, which it first made available via Public Preview.

Recently, the company also gave its 365 apps a new default font and partnered with Snapchat to bring new backgrounds to Teams.

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