Twitter Facing Probe Over 'X' Sign on San Francisco HQ

Twitter Facing Probe Over 'X' Sign on San Francisco HQ

News by Nikola DjuricNikola Djuric
Published: July 31, 2023

An "X" sign placed on Twitter's San Francisco main office as part of its rebranding efforts is currently under scrutiny due to a lack of appropriate permits, The New York Times reported citing city officials.

Patrick Hannan, a representative for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, clarified that the installation of such a sign necessitates a building permit to ensure its structural safety. Furthermore, he added that the sign's installation must undergo a planning review and gain approval.

On Friday, an inspector visited Twitter's headquarters to inform the company of its permit violation and requested to inspect the sign on the roof.

Responding to the move, Twitter's representatives claimed that the sign was a temporary illuminated fixture intended for an event.

City inspectors attempted a second visit over the weekend, but they were refused entry once again by the tenant, as stated in the complaint.

District 6 supervisor, Matt Dorsey, who oversees the area where Twitter's headquarters is situated, criticized the company's defensive attitude for denying entry to the building inspectors.

However, Mr. Dorsey extended an offer for reconciliation. He stated that many within the city's government would welcome the chance to collaborate with a prominent employer like Twitter and jointly decide the fate of the sign while fostering a fruitful partnership with a city employer.

The investigation comes a week after Twitter’s owner and Chief Technology Officer Elon Musk officially announced he rebranded the social media platform from Twitter to “X,” marking its first rebranding in 17 years.

Commenting on the company's headquarters, Musk recently shared in a Twitter post that he relocating outside of San Francisco despite receiving major incentives to make such a move.

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