Expert Reveals Most Challenging Part of Building Career for Designers

Expert Reveals Most Challenging Part of Building Career for Designers

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: July 28, 2023

As a constantly evolving process, the discipline of design has become a challenging landscape to conquer for young designers at the start of their careers. 

While their careers evolve, designers must decide whether to develop skills in leadership and go down the path of managing creative teams or choose a more independent journey toward becoming senior contributors. 

However, there are many challenges facing creatives looking to break through in design. 

In an exclusive interview with SpotlightNotion’s Head of Creative Rob Giampietro revealed some of the biggest difficulties creative professionals are facing today. 

Giampietro describes the modern-day process of design as a “multidisciplinary, multi-person, fluid, and constantly evolving process,” and says that this is one of the struggles that young designers must overcome when beginning to build their careers. 

“One of the things that's challenging for young designers in their careers is becoming acclimated to that sense that design is never done. Design is not always theirs,” he explains. 

“Being able to see themselves in the output of the team, even if they don't own and author that output, is something that's important at an early stage in your career,” adds Giampietro. 

When excelling at a top design agencyGiampietro reminds creative professionals on the rise that working toward different creative roles requires developing different creative muscles. 

“It's not a forever decision, but I certainly think the muscles to lead a great creative team are somewhat distinct from the muscles of being a great senior creative,” he concludes in the latest episode of the DesignRush podcast

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