Ziegler Sisters Go Back to School with American Eagle

Ziegler Sisters Go Back to School with American Eagle

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: July 28, 2023

American Eagle is getting ready for the back-to-school season with a campaign that may result in the retail brand’s widest reach since before the pandemic began. 

Featuring an iconic Gen Z duo, Maddie Ziegler and Kenzie Ziegler, the campaign sees the sisters sporting trendy modern styles mixed with classic denim pieces.  

The limited-edition clothing collection was designed by the Ziegler sisters themselves and reflects their personal style.  

“We worked closely with the AE team to design pieces that show each of our individual styles while also drawing inspiration from an era that we love so much,” said Kenzie Ziegler, reflecting on the 90s aesthetic that inspired the back-to-school collection, in an official statement. 

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With a combined social media reach of 58 million followers and diverse careers as dancers, actresses, and musicians, the sisters were a perfect fit for the new American Eagle campaign. 

Created in Los Angeles and primarily consisting of self-shot content and content shot by the boutique agency Acrethe campaign differs greatly from traditional AE campaigns.  

This new advertising approach taps into an edgier style, in an attempt to break through the noise of the competition for the upcoming season - one of the most competitive seasons for retail brands in the year. 

Back-to-school campaign featuring Ziegler sisters
(Source: American Eagle)

“For American Eagle, back-to-school is our Super Bowl. We have to make sure we have a campaign that cuts through a very competitive retail environment. We think the combination of the Ziegler sister collaboration plus our focus on denim domination will be the winning ticket for us as we get into the back-to-school season,” explained Craig Brommers, chief marketing officer at American Eagle Outfitters.  

Advertising for the campaign will be featured on all AE social media channels, as well as on a 3D billboard in Times Square and other OOH setups.  

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