Spotify Hikes Prices in Over 50 Countries

Spotify Hikes Prices in Over 50 Countries

Published: July 25, 2023

Spotify plans to increase the price of its ad-free premium subscription service in 53 countries.

On its website, the music streaming giant said that the price change would allow it to continue innovating for its customers.

“With 200+ million Premium subscribers, we’re also proud to be the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service, giving Premium users access to on-demand and ad-free music listening, offline music downloads, and quality music streaming,” the company said.

“The market landscape has continued to evolve since we launched. So that we can keep innovating, we are changing our Premium prices across a number of markets around the world. These updates will help us continue to deliver value to fans and artists on our platform,” it added.

In the U.S., Premium subscribers would see a $1 increase for plans, with the price of a single plan now starting at a monthly rate of $10.99, duo at $14.99, the family plan at $16.99, and the student plan at $5.99.

Other countries where prices will be raised include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Singapore, and the U.K, where prices will reportedly increase by £1.

According to the company, existing subscribers in the affected markets would receive an email further explaining the changes and notifying them when the price changes will come into effect.

The development comes as the music streaming giant appears to be looking for ways to boost its profit and streamline its services including by laying off 200 employees from its podcast department and ending Apple in-app payments for existing Premium subscribers.

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