Criteo's CMO Reveals How Commerce Media Is Changing Digital Advertising

Criteo's CMO Reveals How Commerce Media Is Changing Digital Advertising

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: July 24, 2023

Criteo's Chief Marketing Officer, Brendan McCarthy, reveals how commerce media is shaping the digital advertising industry in an exclusive interview with Spotlight.  

According to McCarthy, this type of media helps marketers reach consumers in-market for a product or service through data activation and AI.  

“Companies that invest in commerce media can utilize large-scale first-party data to accurately define and reach their target audiences with digital campaigns across retailers’ websites, the open internet, and everywhere shoppable moments happen,” he explained.  

McCarthy shares that by doing this, these companies can create personalized promotions and ads that cater to customers “when their intent is at its highest.”  

With the demand for personalization, these media owners and marketers also gain an edge over their competition due, as per McCarthy. 

“Campaigns leveraging first-party data have an increased reach to target audiences with increased brand awareness at a higher rate, leading to increased sales,” the CMO added.  

Criteo, a leading commerce media platform, allows advertisers, retailers, and publishers to utilize first-party data to execute effective digital advertising campaigns. 

McCarthy also clarified the differences between the objectives of commerce media to retail media.  

“[Retail] media is actually a subset of commerce media that focuses on brand-funded advertising on retailers’ sites,” he shared.  

“Commerce media expands the opportunity to allow non-traditional retailers, like grocers and last-mile delivery companies, to harness first-party data to drive additional revenue opportunities.”

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