X Was Supposed to Run Only on ‘Dark Mode’ Until Elon Musk Revoked His Decision

X Was Supposed to Run Only on ‘Dark Mode’ Until Elon Musk Revoked His Decision

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: July 28, 2023

Elon Musk, the owner of “X” or what was formerly known as Twitter, announced in a tweet that the social media platform will only have a dark mode as he believed it was “better in every way.” 

However, several users opposed the feature, explaining their preference for the app’s existing light mode. 

“To all the people saying ‘oh dark mode is better anyways,’ some people literally need light mode for accessibility reasons. Removing this feature is literally ableist,” another user wrote

This led the multibillionaire to revoke his decision early this morning.  

“A lot of people have asked to keep light mode, so we will, but the default will be dark, and dim will be deleted,” Musk explained.  

The latest developments come as part of the platform’s gradual rebranding into a “global town square,” as per its CEO, Linda Yaccarino.  

Last Thursday, the Musk-owned platform started rolling out the new “X” logo and interface for its Android app and the Google Play Store.  

The company also wiped the platform’s old iconic bird symbol from its desktop version completely. 

Despite this, several of its official channels still have “Twitter” in their handles, such as @TwitterTV and @TwitterMusic.  

While the company is working to transform the platform, experts say its transition into “X” may bring about several legal challenges as various companies own intellectual rights to the use of the letter.

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