Twitter to Offer Job Listing Feature for Verified Organizations

Twitter to Offer Job Listing Feature for Verified Organizations

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: July 21, 2023

Social media platform Twitter is working on a feature that lets verified organizations and businesses post job listings on their profiles.  

While it has yet to be formally announced, an official account with username @TwitterHiring has already been created by the company. 

Several verified organizations also appear to have early access to the feature.

In a screenshot published on TechCrunch, media company Workweek Inc. was spotted with job listings such as “Brand Partner” and “Integrated Marketer” under its Twitter bio. Online coding bootcamp BloomTech also had listings.  

Additionally, app researcher and web developer Nima Owji shared a screenshot providing more details about the new tool, which Twitter plans to call “Twitter Hiring.”  

“Twitter Hiring is a free feature for Verified Organizations to post jobs, feature jobs on your company profile, and attract top talent to your open positions,” the screenshot wrote.  

According to the screenshot, organizations may post up to five jobs on their company profile and add listings to the platform in minutes by connecting to a supported Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or XML feed. 

Twitter Hiring was first teased by Twitter owner Elon Musk last May.

The platform’s latest developments align with Musk’s goal to turn Twitter into “X,” or what he dubs “the everything app.”  

In recent weeks, Twitter introduced several new features that break away from the original text-based platform it was known as.  

On July 19, Musk announced that the platform would soon let users post long-form articles with mixed media, confirming a user’s observation that Twitter’s Notes had been rebranded to “Articles.” 

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