Ikea Releases Stunning Back-To-School TikTok Anime Series

Ikea Releases Stunning Back-To-School TikTok Anime Series

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: July 20, 2023

Ikea’s new TikTok campaign gives students a glimpse into how the furniture company’s affordable storage solutions can simplify their college experience through a series of branded anime episodes.  

The 45-second shorts, titled "Find Your Slice of Life," feature different stories of college students in their everyday life, subtly showcasing how a recognizable Ikea product fits into their hectic college space. 

With each episode set to a lo-fi beat, created in an anime animation style, and primarily released on TikTok, Ikea is leveraging the advertising campaign to target a younger audience, specifically Gen Z.  

“When you’re commuting to college from home, finding a space just for you can be a challenge. But with the right solutions and a whole lot of ingenuity, you can carve out room to be yourself,” states the introduction to Ikea’s animated series. 

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Created with Ogilvy New York and the creative studio Clubcamping, “Find Your Slice of Life” will also soon be released in the form of a full-length online manga, featuring the existing characters and their unique college stories. 

Despite fall still being a month and a half away, Ikea is preparing for the school season with its new campaign, in an effort to get students thinking of what Ikea pieces could help simplify their “slice of life.” 

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