Meta Rolling Out New Features to Facebook Videos

Meta Rolling Out New Features to Facebook Videos

News by Nikola DjuricNikola Djuric
Published: July 18, 2023

Facebook parent Meta Platforms is bringing improvements to videos on its social media platform that will enable users to create, explore, and engage with video content.

In a blog post, Meta announced it would be making four major changes:

  • Making video editing easier directly on Facebook
  • Reworking Facebook Watch into a comprehensive Video tab
  • Introducing an Explore feed to allow users to discover popular videos
  • Enabling users to engage with Instagram Reels within Facebook

Meta has already begun rolling out updates that will bring additional Reels editing tools to Feed, making the process of creating dynamic videos on Facebook significantly smoother.

The U.S. tech giant has added several new features with Monday's update.

It brought audio, music, and text into one place on Reels, making it easier to layer and time creative elements to create a reel. The features are now also available on Meta Business Suite for Reels and videos on Feed.

More clip editing tools – Facebook now allows users to modify their videos with options such as speeding them up, reversing, or replacing them.

Enhanced audio – Facebook users can now explore and add music and audio clips, record voiceovers, and reduce unwanted noise in their videos.

At the same time, they can also upload HDR videos from their phone to Reels and play the video back in full HDR.

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The Video tab, replacing Facebook Watch, now includes all videos – Reels, long-form, and Live content. This tab will feature new horizontalscroll reels sections that highlight recommended reels, allowing users to quickly jump into short-form videos. 

Meta also revealed that it has added video Explore to help users discover popular video topics. By tapping the search icon in the Video tab, users can see a variety of reels, long-form, and Live videos related to relevant topics.

Finally, starting yesterday, users can view and write comments on Instagram Reels that have been recommended to them on Facebook within the same app just by connecting their Facebook and Instagram accounts in Accounts Center. 

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