New Duracell Ad Playfully Warns Against Scrimping on Batteries

New Duracell Ad Playfully Warns Against Scrimping on Batteries

News by Nikola DjuricNikola Djuric
Published: July 18, 2023

Batteries manufacturer Duracell recently released a new advertisement, calling on consumers to ensure long-term savings by avoiding using cheaper alternatives to high-quality brands.

In a humorous campaign created by award-winning agency Wunderman Thompson, a dad's decision to buy cheap batteries takes an unexpected turn. As his kid's toy car suddenly stops and his wife’s electric screwdriver fails, the iconic Duracell Bunny steps in.

With a playful roll of his eyes, the Bunny declares, "Someone's made a questionable choice." Witnessing the family's struggle, the Bunny's message reaches the dad in a dark attic when his head torch also fails. Karma arrives with a thump. 

Renowned for its boundless energy and reliability, the Duracell Bunny reveals a pack of Duracell Optimum batteries from his pocket. With a familiar smile, the Bunny advises: "Next time, try Duracell."

This engaging campaign showcases how Duracell batteries outlast competitors by 200%, highlighting their durability, long-lasting power, and exceptional performance. By choosing Duracell, families experience fewer battery replacements and significant cost savings.

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“Our brief was to tell a relatable tale that shows the repercussions of scrimping on batteries. We’ve all been Dad in this story, caught cutting corners when perhaps we shouldn’t, so we used this familiar feeling to relate to families and shot everything on location to capture our insight with an authentic look-and-feel,” Creative Director Antony Bell explained.

The campaign will run on TV, social, out-of-home, and radio across Europe and South America until the end of this year.

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