DesignRush Announces July’s Best Design Award Winners

DesignRush Announces July’s Best Design Award Winners

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: July 18, 2023

DesignRush has announced its July selection of Best Design Awards

DesignRush’s monthly Best Design Awards presents to readers the top design agencies that are setting the golden standard in various industries. 

From eye-catching print design to heartwarming video productions, July’s Best Design Awards are sure to have audiences stop and take a moment to see what it's all about. 

Best Website Design: The Quake by Yoni Kessler 

July’s award for Best Website Design went to The Quake, a website devoted to education about earthquakes, natural disasters, and safety measures. 

Welcomed by an impactful font and a dynamic animation reminiscent of tectonic plates shifting during an earthquake, Yoni Kessler’s collaborative design with Yehuda Bruck for The Quake engages audiences through all layers of the site. 

(Source: The Quake)

Applying the “bigger is better” approach, The Quake relies on effective full-screen photography, exciting graphics, and a large and easily legible font size, to create an interactive and one-of-a-kind user experience that pushes the boundaries of creativity through web design

Best Logo Design: Lift Insight & Capital Partners by 97 Switch 

Design agency 97 Switch took home the award for July’s Best Logo Design for the simple, yet impactful logo they created for investment company Lift Insight & Capital Partners. 

By utilizing a bright blue and white color palette, 97 Switch created a welcoming and friendly design that evokes trust and brand credibility. Meanwhile, the application of a sans-serif font and lowercase typography remains in line with current graphic design trends and a minimalist aesthetic. 

(Source: Lift Insight & Capital Partners)

The design agency successfully created an easily recognizable, yet simple logo design for the investment company looking to remain memorable among clients. 

Best Print Design: BeFibre by The Bigger Boat 

Creative digital agency The Bigger Boat took the crown for its standout print design strategy for broadband provider BeFibre.  

To stand apart from the already available internet service providers, The Bigger Boat ensured that BeFibre’s visual identity be futuristic and vibrant. The color combination is an immediate point of attention for audiences, including contrasting hues of orange, red, yellow, and peach that flow into each other. 

(Source: The Bigger Boat)

By combining attention-grabbing colors with with cheeky catchphrases, such as “Broadband without the ball,” that put BeFibre’s services in the forefront, passersby are sure to take a second glance at the internet provider’s print design in any format.  

Best App Design: RAWW by Precious 

Precious was awarded July’s Best App Design for its work for sports-tech app RAWW (Recruiting Athletes Worldwide) which allows up-and-coming athletes to build their brand value through personalized profiles. 

(Source: RAWW)

The dynamic look of the app, utilizing a mix of black and neon green, is just one aspect of RAWW that makes it stand out. However, its distinctive user-friendly features are its strongest point. 

The app allows users to present their profiles from a storytelling angle, including a Q&A section where athletes can answer questions in both written and video format and apply a tailored top video recommendation system to find what they are looking for. 

RAWW’s instinctive user interface gives athletes the opportunity to further their career in an accessible and easy way.  

Best Package Design: Wasa Crispbread by Murmur Creative 

Murmur Creative set out to refresh Wasa Crispbread’s visual identity with a brand-new packaging design sure to catch buyers' eye. 

Inspired by the brand’s Scandinavian roots, Murmur Creative implemented skewed typography and a pastel color palette. Each type of crispbread packaging design has a different pastel color, making it easy to differentiate for customers. The skewed typography is also showcased in a large font, ensuring clear readability when browsing in grocery stores. 

(Source: WASA)

The combination of colors and typeface result in an authentic and unique packaging design that reflects the natural ingredients of the Wasa Crispbread brand.  

Best Video Design: Petco: Same Day Delivery by Anacapa Productions 

Finally, Anacapa Productions set the standard for their 30-second spot for Petco’s Same Day Delivery option, with a heartwarming video production of a couple’s love for their new dog. 

Clear storytelling, an uplifting melody, and vibrant lighting contribute to the positive atmosphere of the video production, which culminates in the delivery of pet’s brand-new toy by Petco.  

The simple spot speaks to the power of top video production companies and emotional resonance for audiences.  

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