Roblox is Coming to Meta Quest, Open Beta for Developers to Launch on App Lab Soon

Roblox is Coming to Meta Quest, Open Beta for Developers to Launch on App Lab Soon

News by Joanna NodadoJoanna Nodado
Published: July 12, 2023

Fans of Roblox worldwide are abuzz with excitement as the popular 3D immersive platform reveals it will soon be available on Meta Quest, a leading virtual reality (VR) headset.

In a post, Roblox announced that this new development will open up a world of possibilities for both users and developers.

"With Roblox on Meta Quest, we are thrilled to offer our users an entirely new way to experience our platform," said the spokesperson from Roblox. "This expansion to VR will allow millions of people to immerse themselves in the Roblox universe and connect with others in a whole new dimension."

The news marks an opportunity for developers to showcase their creativity and reach an even broader audience. 

"Developing a VR experience required a team that had VR-specific experience and skills. With Roblox, developers will soon be able to publish their existing experiences to support VR with little to no additional coding effort required. This is because Roblox is designed to be universal, allowing the same experiences to run everywhere," the company further explained.

One of the major advantages of this integration is the social platform that Roblox offers.

The cross-platform compatibility will enable the Meta Quest community to enjoy experiences with other Roblox users on Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop — making it easier to connect regardless of the device users use.

Meta Quest users will also have access to a content library of more than 15 million active experiences on Roblox. This collection includes games, virtual worlds, and social spaces for users to explore.

To further enhance the user experience, Roblox will release an Open Beta on Meta Quest's App Lab "in the coming weeks." 

Available to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro devices, the Open Beta on App Lab will serve as a crucial testing ground for developers to experiment, learn, and refine their VR experiences before the full release on the Meta Quest Store.

"The open beta is a great opportunity for the Roblox developer community to optimize their existing games for Quest and build new ones for VR while gathering input and feedback from the Quest community," Meta shared in a blog post.

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