OpenAI to Continue Training DALL-E on Shutterstock’s Data

OpenAI to Continue Training DALL-E on Shutterstock’s Data

News by Nikola DjuricNikola Djuric
Published: July 12, 2023

ChatGPT developer OpenAI will continue training its DALL-E deep learning model on Shutterstock's image, video, and music libraries and associated metadata for six more years.

Announcing the expansion of their partnership on Tuesday, Shutterstock asserted it will fortify its position as a leading provider of training data for OpenAI models.

DALL-E is a model that can generate digital images from natural language descriptions (prompts).

First announced by OpenAI at the start of 2021, its AI software development led to the 2.0 version last year, which could generate realistic images at high resolutions by “combining concepts, attributes, and styles.”

“The data we licensed from Shutterstock was critical to the training of DALL-E. We’re excited for Shutterstock to offer DALL-E images to its customers as one of the first deployments through our API, and we look forward to future collaborations as artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of artists’ creative workflows,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stressed at the time.

In addition to text-to-image generation, the integration announced yesterday will provide Shutterstock customers with editing capabilities, allowing them to transform any image in the entire Shutterstock library.

Furthermore, Shutterstock and OpenAI agreed to jointly work to bring generative AI capabilities to mobile users through Shutterstock's newly acquired Giphy platform, which the company purchased from Facebook parent Meta in late May for $53 million.

“The renewal and significant expansion of our strategic partnership with OpenAI reinforces Shutterstock's commitment to driving AI tech innovation and positions us as the data and distribution partner of choice for industry leaders in generative AI,” Shutterstock CEO Paul Hennessy noted.

The deal is the latest step by Shutterstock as one of the leading innovators bringing AI advancements to the creative industry. Earlier this year, the company launched its AI Image Generator, a DALL-E-powered tool that enables users to create customized visuals in an instant.

Next to OpenAI, Shutterstock has also collaborated with tech giants such as Nvidia and Meta to develop generative AI tools and standards for content creators.

Meanwhile, it seems it wasn't smooth for OpenAI when training its large language models (LLMs). About two weeks ago, a report revealed OpenAI faced a lawsuit for allegedly misappropriating massive amounts of personal data from the internet to develop its products.

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