Mastering White Label SEO: Strategies and Benefits with Boostability’s Kristine Pratt

Mastering White Label SEO: Strategies and Benefits with Boostability’s Kristine Pratt

Interview by Ricardo Esteves
Published: March 16, 2023

Who Is Kristine Pratt

Kristine Pratt is the Director of Marketing at Boostability. She has over 10 years of diverse experience in television news, public relations, communications strategy, and marketing. Kristine holds a master's degree in leadership and communications from Gonzaga University and earned her undergraduate degree in Broadcast Journalism at Brigham Young University.

White label SEO has become a great solution for small and medium-size companies, as a way to provide several SEO-related services and tools to their clients.

In this interview, we speak to Kristine Pratt, Boostability’s Director of Marketing, who shared a few insights with us, including ways companies can benefit from white label SEO and best strategies for maximizing these partnerships.

Kristine also gave us a closer look at a real-life case study that showcases the power of white-label SEO, while also looking into some of the trends we can expect in 2023.

Spotlight: How does Boostability differentiate itself from other white label SEO providers in the industry?

Kristine Pratt: While many SEO agencies focus on enterprise-level SEO for companies with large budgets, Boostability has always been passionate about the ‘little guy’. We started the company nearly 15 years ago with the idea that SEO should be available and accessible for everyone.

Our custom-built SEO product is made to help our white label partners grow on a scale, meaning that as they keep growing and selling SEO to customers, we can continue to do high-quality work for these clients. It’s our goal to become indispensable to our partners in the level of support we provide them to bring on new clients, while offering a high-quality SEO product built for their clients.

Boostability has over 400 employees across the United States and Europe, with all dedicated to our mission statement of helping small businesses succeed online.

Every client is different and each one has its own set of goals. What kind of companies or businesses do you think could benefit the most from white label SEO?

White Label SEO benefits small to medium-sized businesses all over the world. In fact, they have the potential to benefit more types of businesses than you might think.

White Label SEO is most popular for agencies that offer one or more of the following services: web development, web design, paid advertising, social media, and PR. Adding SEO to their service lineup at a small cost is what makes it such a profitable decision and provides a new and consistent revenue stream for our white label partners.

For example, think about an agency that offers web design services. What’s the point of designing a beautiful, new website if no one ever see it? That’s where SEO comes in. Partnering with a white label SEO provider, such as Boostability, makes it easy for businesses to add SEO to their lineup. It helps those businesses provide additional value to their clients while creating an additional, reliable, source of revenue.

With search engine algorithms constantly changing, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques. How do you ensure the best results for your clients?

Search engines constantly update their algorithms to serve search results that best fit the needs of users. Our teams stay on top of all the latest updates and trends to ensure we build competitive strategies for our white label partners and their clients.

We read and follow industry leaders from the search-engine sector, plus we keep tabs on Google and Bing’s blogs and social media platforms for the latest news. Google shares all their major updates in real-time and it’s a great tool for getting news fast.

We attend conferences both in person and online to hear from fellow digital marketing professionals to remain competitive for our partners and clients. Our data and proven SEO process continues to stay ahead of changes made by search engines, meaning that our customers have not been negatively impacted by an SEO update for over 10 years.

Can you share examples of successful case studies of companies that benefited from Boostability’s white label SEO solutions?

We have found success for many of our clients and are proud of the work we do in helping them achieve high rankings for the keywords they target.

To highlight one of our window installation clients, in their campaign we performed several tasks, including copy optimized copy completed and implemented on their website, basic onsite optimization, local listing optimization, link building tasks, classified business listings, article Engagement, and custom blog publications on related sites with links back.

From the start of this campaign, we were able to help the majority of their keywords reach first-page rankings within the first five months. Typically, with SEO, it can take six to nine months until you see first-page rankings. This was a huge success for the client. And most of the keywords targeted at the beginning of their campaign still maintain their first-page rankings.

Additionally, we saw drastic improvement with related keywords that also grew in their rankings because of the strategic content our team of writers created and implemented on the site. This is just one of the many examples in which we targeted what the clients needed and tailored their campaign to bring success to their business.

Boostability logo on a white background

Boostability's partner program is an important aspect of your business model. Can you tell us more about it and how it benefits both your company and partners?

Our unique scalable model allows us to handle thousands of campaigns efficiently and at an affordable price. With a team of specialists working on each campaign, we know how to create revenue-driving campaigns that succeed and help businesses expand to reach new clients.

We provide full-service SEO and website optimization with dedicated partner managers helping to build personal relationships to meet each need. Launchpad, our award-winning technology platform, provides transparent reporting and complete visibility into the progress of each SEO campaign.

It helps us scale the SEO process for clients of any size and keep costs down, while maintaining high-quality service. Our partners along with their clients’ success is our number one priority, and when they succeed, we succeed.

Can you talk about the role of content marketing in SEO, and how Boostability incorporates content into their overall strategy?

A strong content strategy plays a vital role in any SEO strategy. In fact, Google continues to place more and more emphasis on good content, updated regularly, on websites as a key factor for ranking well. Within the last 12 months, Google has released two updates called “Helpful Content Updates” that emphasize good content on a website that provides value to an end user and reader.

That’s why every client who signs up with one of our worldwide partners gets a proven SEO product including custom content for their website. Without good content, it’s impossible to organically grow online and succeed in growing your website organically.

A key factor to remember: if your strategy is focused on remaining relevant and useful for your audience, that will help build that same relevance with Google. Google looks at giving users the best answers and information to people’s questions. When you build your E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, trust) and provide valuable, credible, and original content, it can help search engines (and users) trust your site more.

Internally, we recognize the importance of content marketing and implement it in our own internal SEO strategies. We create and regularly share informative, industry-leading SEO blog articles. Each article published focuses on helping small businesses maximize their success. We write about SEO as well as educating businesses on how white label, partner marketing, and outsourcing SEO works for them. As industry leaders, we keep our readers in the know on SEO industry trends and updates.

And with any solid content strategy, we choose and target the appropriate keywords to help build authority and relevance with our readers and search engines. Google wants to show best results for users so we make sure our content will be the best for them.

With the rise of voice search, the world of SEO is changing yet again. What steps is Boostability taking to prepare for this emerging trend?

Voice search has been at the forefront of SEO trends for the last few years. And just like with manual search, the keywords you target play a massive role in how well your website will show up in top results. As users may speak to a device (Siri, Alexa, or Google Home) differently than how they type, we encourage small businesses to target those types of keywords if they want to show up in voice search results.

For example, if you’re looking for a hair salon, someone may type “Hair salon Salt Lake City'' into the search bar. However, if someone uses voice search to ask their device, they use a different phrase like, “What is the highest-rated hair salon near me?” Knowing which types of keywords to target is going to greatly impact your success.

Additionally, we encourage businesses to list their business and optimize their profiles like Google Business Profile. A completed profile helps to provide users with all the information they need about your business. As people search for information about your business, make sure it’s all available for them!

Update your information, add photos of your products and services, and respond to reviews as they come. As you list your products and include the locations you service, you’re optimizing for local voice searches where customers look for businesses “near them”.

Include the keywords you use in your business description on your website to increase your relevance for near-me voice searches.

Looking further into 2023, what other trends or new developments in SEO do you expect to see?

It should come as no surprise that AI has become a game changer in 2023, helping to save businesses time and money on their content strategies. Both Google and Bing have released their own updates and tools integrated with AI to better serve results to users.

Watch for more announcements from top search engines to understand how to adjust and grow your SEO strategies to stay competitive on search engines (like algorithm updates) that tweak and shift how they may crawl and rank your site.

With recent AI tools, content is becoming a hot-button topic. Right now, SEO experts and marketers face the need to provide quality content now more than ever. AI tools like Jasper or Chat GPT can actually be very helpful in this.

These tools can provide a blog, or a prompt to get someone started in writing. And with these tools growing ever more popular, those who ignore the growing trend risk falling behind. And while AI may seem like it’s coming for marketing jobs, that’s not the case.

It will always need a human touch to add in proper keywords, provide context, and more. Hopefully, we will see AI content generators incorporate more SEO metrics into their algorithms. You can read more of our predictions here.

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