Mondo President Stephanie Barker Discusses “Gig Economy” and Talent Shortages

Mondo President Stephanie Barker Discusses “Gig Economy” and Talent Shortages

Interview by Ricardo Esteves
Published: December 05, 2022

Who Is Stephanie Barker?

As Mondo’s first female president, Stephanie Barker has been listed in the 2022 Global Power 150 “Women in Staffing.” Along with overseeing all business operations, she is in charge of sales and recruiting. Stephanie also played a key role in the creation of Mondo's basic principles.

COVID-19 forced companies and employees to adjust to new work models. And while the pandemic has subdued, its impact on the job industry is permanent.

With more people looking into work-at-home models, the so-called “Gig Economy” boomed as a result.

We reached out to Stephanie Barker, President at Mondo (an Addison Group company), to talk about what exactly is “Gig Work” and how it is affecting the job market, plus the impact of the talent shortage affecting several industries.

Spotlight: While the Gig Economy was already expanding steadily prior to COVID-19, the pandemic certainly accelerated its growth. What exactly is a “Gig Worker” and how does it differ from a regular freelancer?

Stephanie Barker: There is no such thing as traditional employment after the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, when you throw labor shortages that came from The Great Resignation into the mix, it created the perfect storm for businesses to start leveraging all types of "Gig Workers.”

While the term “Gig Work” may seem new, the concept isn’t.

It is a short-term project or task that is often undertaken by independent contractors or freelancers who use digital platforms or staffing firms to find their next “gig.”

All gig works require a specialized skill set to perform a task, like programming, copywriting and graphic design. These types of individuals are often driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.

What are the steps interested candidates should take to get started on the hustle and thrive in the Gig Economy?

Truly weigh the pros and cons. Working multiple jobs and random hours isn’t for everybody. As flexible as the work may be, it can be stressful and tiring. And with no paid time off or health benefits, burnout can be common.

On the flip side, gig work allows you more control over the types of clients you work with, the projects you get to be a part of and the impact you get to have as a result of your work.

Partner with an organization like Mondo, that provides continuous new opportunities and protection to temporary and contract workers, all in a flexible setting.

With both employees and employers looking into the Gig Economy, work agencies have had to adapt to the demand. How does Mondo rise to the occasion?

We were made for this opportunity. We spend our days matching people with their next gig. In fact, we have an entire Consultant Experience Program that is made entirely for high-performing, highly skilled professionals who seek new opportunities and flexibility.

Our recruiters are tasked with finding short-term opportunities with flexibility and the benefits of a permanent role. We also have a Consultant Referral Program that fosters a steady and consistent supply of new candidate referrals.

Most importantly, we’re highly consultative with our clients in this agile workforce and give them tools and insights on how to leverage the Gig Economy for growth.

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What is Mondo’s approach to understanding a company’s culture, processes and team dynamics to better provide them with the talent resources they need?

We recently featured an article, The Immeasurable Value in Value-Based Hiring, on our Mondo Insights blog. We meet our clients where they are on their hiring journey and prioritize understanding culture and values over simply assessing the skill sets and needs you have for your department.

Without fully understanding your own company values, it’s impossible to assess whether or not a candidate shares the same vision.

Based on your clientele, which industries or sectors currently struggle the most with a lack of talent and why? How about the oversaturated industries?

While the 2022 talent shortage impacts many industries, sectors like sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing and logistics seem to be the hardest hit.

The top industries hiring gig workers are construction, best it services companies, administration, healthcare, and creative fields. Gig work is increasing in popularity for U.S. workers and around 50 million individuals worked a full-time or part-time gig job in the past year.

Getting back into the job market can be a daunting experience. What pieces of advice can you share with someone who’s looking for a new job or a new career path?

Be authentic to yourself. Journal to identify what value you want to bring to the world and find an organization that aligns with that and your core values.

Focus on where you can add value and be true to yourself, and the rest will take care of [themselves].

Thank you for your time, Stephanie Barker! Best of luck to you, Mondo, and the Addison Group!

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