Freelance Web Designer Went From $100 to $50K a Month, and You Can, Too

Freelance Web Designer Went From $100 to $50K a Month, and You Can, Too

Interview by Ricardo Esteves
Published: March 14, 2024

Embracing freelancing as a career path can offer some great benefits, such as:

  • Being independent
  • Controlling your schedule
  • Choosing your projects

However, a freelancing career can sometimes bring professional loneliness, insecurity, and doubts.

That’s why getting a support system that can have your back, both in bad and good times is crucial. One such support system can be an online community like Freelance Fam, created by web design veteran Kyle Prinsloo.

On this free Discord community, geared toward freelancers in web design, members can get advice and support on many topics, from monetary demands to tools of the trade.

DesignRush talked to Kyle about why joining such a community can make a key difference.


Who Is Kyle Prinsloo?

Kyle's journey from high school dropout to agency owner and SaaS founder proves his dedication to supporting the freelance community. Transitioning from various early career roles to launching his own successful venture in 2015, Kyle now manages Freelance Fam, providing support for freelance web designers. Kyle also shares his wealth of knowledge through the Study Web Development program, teaching skills that help other freelancers thrive independently.

Preparation for working as a freelancer in web design is crucial as you begin your solo career, as it will allow you to navigate through challenging times.

As Kyle says, “You need to have at least three months’ worth of savings and be earning at least 50% of your current full-time income before transitioning to full-time freelancing.”

In other words, don’t rush into it.

Work part-time in the first few months, and make sure you have enough to sustain yourself as you get your name out there.

“Sure, it’s possible with less, but having some cash reserves mitigates risks, and it also prevents you from working with bad clients from the start,” he says.

Freelancers just starting need to make sure not to get hung up on the tiniest details, nor can they afford to obsess over finding the perfect projects.

If a Project Pays the Bills, It’s the Right Project

"Probably the biggest common pain point I see is working on the wrong things," Kyle continues.

"Too many web designers procrastinate and sweat the small stuff. Sometimes it’s easy to want the perfect website or perfect logo, But the reality is it’s possible to do good work, fast.”

As most freelancers work from a remote setup, professional loneliness becomes one of the biggest challenges to overcome.

Kyle told DesignRush that it’s important to get a support system in place to diminish that loneliness, be it working with your spouse, friends, or a community.

“That’s a big reason why I started Freelance Fam,” he admits.

Freelance Fam Discord Community
Freelance Fam Discord Community | Source: Discord/Freelance Fam

"It’s possible to freelance alone and make it work, but even in 2015, when I started freelancing, I had an accountability buddy to hold me accountable for things.”

‘I Wish I Had a Community To Join Back in 2015’

"Going through similar struggles, wins, and challenges as other members is invaluable. I’ve seen people find their joy and purpose, and provide for their families, and there’s nothing better to see,” Kyle explains.

Freelance Fam is a community designed to assist web designers with covering the basics:

  1. Creating the right pricing strategy
  2. Reaching high-value clients
  3. Scaling their business

According to Kyle, it has everything a paid community has, but it’s completely free.

Webinars, weekly calls, member perks, challenges, resources, advice, content, guides, and scripts are just some of the benefits you can find at Freelance Fam.

Freelance Fam Community Perks
Freelance Fam Perks Include Coaching Calls with Kyle | Source: Freelance Fam

You are also certain to find members in similar contexts, be it from having no work or too much work, so you’re sure to find help and support regardless of where you stand at the moment.

But it’s not all pain and loneliness.

“The beauty of freelance web design is we can create a desired lifestyle around our business, not the other way around. For me, I play tennis, go out every day, play golf, meet friends, and enjoy beautiful views,” Kyle noted.

“This helps counteract the loneliness that can come from sitting in one place for too long. And daily, I chat with people in the community – which is incredibly underrated.”

“Will this lifestyle suit everyone? No, but it works for most people.”

"The nature of freelancing can make it hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. That’s the nature of business. It can either control you, or you can control it.”

“I’ve had both extremes, of working two hours a day while I outsourced 80% of my tasks, and working 10 hours a day and getting burned out.”

“None were ideal for me.”

Kyle Found a Balance Between 4–8 Hours of Work per Day

“It was good to have those experiences, both the freedom and the hectic side of running a business. That allowed me to learn what I wanted and what I didn’t want, eventually opening the doors for me to create a business around it,” he concludes.

“One thing’s certain: 10-hour days for years aren’t sustainable, and it’s pointless leaving one boss to work for yourself when you’re not even giving yourself enough time off.”

Freelance Fam also hosts agency owners trying to learn how to get more clients and scale their businesses.

In this community, decision-makers can find insightful resources to help them manage their business, including one-on-one guidance with 6-figure agency owners and Kyle himself.

Members can find a curated list of popular and helpful tools for web designers and freelancers, which is updated regularly.

Among those tools are Wix Studio for creating websites and ClientManager for onboarding & managing clients, both strongly recommended by Kyle.

To end the conversation, we asked Kyle to share a success story from someone whose life changed after joining Freelance Fam.

“I could share many examples, but having to choose one, I'm going with Andy. He shared his win on getting his first client ($100MRR), then a few months later, $1,000 a month, it went to $10,000 a month, and now he’s over $50,000 a month.”

Embracing freelancing as a web designer offers independence and control over projects, but it’s something that needs preparation, endurance, and support.

Joining communities like Freelance Fam can provide that much-needed guidance and even camaraderie, enabling you to thrive in your career.

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