Brands Shouldn't Chase Trends If They Want Consistent B2B Presence

Brands Shouldn't Chase Trends If They Want Consistent B2B Presence

Interview by Nikola Djuric
Published: April 01, 2024

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face in 2024 is the lack of consistency stemming from continuously changing budgets.

Brands must remain focused on long-term growth plans by putting sustainable programs in place and sticking with them – rather than chasing after silver bullets whenever a new trend emerges.

This strategy aligns perfectly with B2B’s traditionally long buying cycles, where brands are managing sustainable programs over a long period, according to marketing veteran Reid Carr.


Who Is Reid Carr?

With over 25 years of experience, Reid built Red Door Interactive to be an independent full-funnel agency and help enterprise clients fuse brands with marketing performance to help them grow market share. Reid specializes in standout creative optimized by a data-driven, multi-channel approach. He's led a network of nearly 100 employees since 2002 and has been recognized by leading award programs such as EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

"Give your investments the necessary time to bear fruit but be willing to pivot if certain strategies aren’t effective," Reid tells DesignRush.

"By adhering to the sustainable practices put in place, you’ll cultivate an impactful online presence over time."

The rapid development of generative AI-enabled businesses to create hyper-personalized content and increase conversion rates when talking to customers.

However, Reid explains that not every company should turn to personalization for their marketing efforts. 

"It boils down to the size of the company."

"Personalization for companies like Amazon makes sense due to the vast breadth of their products. On the other hand, hyper-personalization for smaller businesses often isn’t as beneficial."

"When we talk about SMBs, hyper-personalization can narrow a brand’s audience so significantly that the effort doesn’t justify the outcome."

"B2B brands must carefully assess how much they’re investing in measuring data and whether those dollars might yield better results elsewhere – for instance, media," Reid concludes.

Businesses Should Engage with Customers Directly

One of the easiest ways to ensure your branding resonates with your customer base is to engage with your clients directly.

According to our interviewee, a hands-on approach is the best way to identify the underlying motivations that shape consumer values and drive purchases of a product or a service.

"By talking to consumers, brands can understand the intricate factors influencing their values, whether they're generational, environmental, or geopolitical," Reid explains.

"Marketers should explore alternative channels where their brands’ content may be more relevant or perform better in case they're not satisfied with the results their existing campaigns are achieving."

Threads is the New Twitter, Moz Wizard Rand Fishkin Argues

"Finding what consumers find most relevant for making a purchasing decision is key."

Generative AI Still Needs a Human Touch

As said before, generative AI enables marketers to expand their outputs and personalize their messaging.

It helps enhance marketing campaigns by increasing productivity, but with any good tool, its output needs a critical eye and a human touch.

Red Door Interactive infuses generative AI into their creative processes, deploying:

  • ChatGPT to produce empathy statements as part of creative campaigns
  • Midjourney to produce high-fidelity creative concepts

"We even created our prototype chatbot, CMore on C4, a conversational AI assistant for Red Door employees, to reduce inefficiencies across our HR department," Reid reveals.

"CMore on C4 has allowed more space for our internal teams to master their creative crafts instead of focusing on repetitive tasks."

While AI sparks innovation and refines workflows across many marketing agencies, this technology shouldn't be considered an end-to-end creative solution.

SEO Expert Says You Shouldn't Use Generative AI for Branding

"The true power lies in combining AI with human thought."

"We implemented an AI usage policy that requires employees to disclose when and how AI has been used to create a deliverable."

"We also have subject matter experts review all outputs for accuracy and add original thought and tone," Reid concludes.

There’s power in human connection, and humanity will remain the most powerful tool to reach any audience – at least for the time being. 

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