Demystifying the World of Blockchain With Ankr

Demystifying the World of Blockchain With Ankr

Interview by Vianca Meyer
Published: January 15, 2024

In our latest interview, Erin McMahon, the Head of Marketing at Ankr, delves into the intricacies of blockchain technology and how Ankr is pioneering in making this tech more accessible and understandable to a wider audience.

She discusses the challenges and strategies involved in educating the public about blockchain, emphasizing the importance of simplifying complex concepts and leveraging various platforms for effective communication.


Who Is Erin McMahon?

Erin heads Ankr's marketing, which is known for its cutting-edge Web3 infrastructure. Before Ankr, she led marketing at InsightFinder and contributed to tech giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook, focusing on diverse marketing strategies.

DesignRush: For those not closely involved in blockchain technology, can you provide an overview of your core business and services?

McMahon: At Ankr, we're passionate about demystifying blockchain technology and making it more accessible to a diverse audience. Our primary focus is empowering developers and businesses by offering a comprehensive range of blockchain services.

We specialize in providing robust and user-friendly infrastructure and tools that allow developers and their applications to interact with various blockchains.

Additionally, we offer unique staking services, enabling users to participate in and benefit from various blockchain networks.

Ankr stands out in its ability to offer seamless connectivity to an extensive range of blockchain networks through advanced APIs. This connectivity is key to fostering innovation and versatility in blockchain applications.

Our approach is tailored to ensure that integrating blockchain technology into diverse applications is feasible but also efficient and effective.

Ankr acts as a bridge, connecting the complex yet unique benefits of blockchain with the practical needs of businesses and developers, fueling a new era of blockchain applications and innovation across different industries.

Considering the complexities of blockchain technology, how challenging is it to educate the broader public about blockchain?

Educating people about blockchain is a challenge, especially because it's a field that's constantly evolving and full of technical terms. We tackle this by breaking down complex concepts into simpler terms.

We use examples from everyday life to explain how blockchain works and why it's essential. We aim to create content that's informative, engaging, and easy to grasp, even for those who might not have a technical background.

Could you share your views on the best approaches to enhance public understanding in this area?

We need to recognize the importance of the diverse communities formed around various projects and experts.

These communities serve as ideal platforms for learning and discussion, mainly because Web3 is all about communities.

We have a team of skilled moderators managing our Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities. Their interactions with members are crucial for addressing doubts and answering questions about Ankr and blockchain technology in general.

Additionally, we actively host and participate in AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with our partners, providing community members with direct engagement opportunities. We're also dedicated to forming partnerships that aid in spreading knowledge about blockchain.

Our blog and social media channels are essential tools for disseminating insights and information.

Furthermore, we collaborate with influencers and industry experts to extend our reach.

This approach helps in making blockchain education more accessible and ensures that it's engaging and relatable for a broader audience.

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For individuals keen on educating themselves about blockchain and Web3, what would Ankr recommend as the best online resources to start this learning journey?

I'd recommend starting with online courses like Princeton University's "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies" for anyone keen to dive into blockchain and Web3.

Also, don't overlook the wealth of information in blogs and forums like Medium, Reddit and Dev Community. These platforms offer diverse perspectives and insights.

Of course, webinars, workshops and industry conferences are invaluable for getting up-to-date information and networking with others in the field.

With increased regulatory scrutiny hitting the blockchain space, how has Ankr navigated these challenges, considering the global scale at which you operate?

Dealing with regulations in the blockchain space, especially on a global scale, is quite a task. At Ankr, we're committed to staying on top of the latest regulatory changes.

We work closely with legal experts to ensure compliance everywhere we operate. Being transparent and maintaining open lines of communication with regulatory bodies is crucial.

It's all about adapting and being proactive in such a dynamic environment.

We've noticed Ankr's collaborations with major brands like Microsoft and Binance. Can you elaborate on how these companies are utilizing blockchain to expand their businesses?

Our partnership has brought about a unique node hosting service on Microsoft's Azure marketplace, blending Ankr's blockchain expertise with Microsoft's robust cloud technology.

This service offers enterprises and organizations easy access to blockchain data and a fully managed node deployment for efficient and scalable web3 project development.

Our joint effort is geared towards facilitating reliable, high-performance blockchain applications, catering to both emerging Web3 initiatives and large enterprises.

By combining Ankr's specialized blockchain solutions with Microsoft's Azure platform, we've created a powerful infrastructure layer for the industry. This includes enhanced transaction processing and customized blockchain node options, ensuring optimal performance and security.

This collaboration has marked a significant step in integrating blockchain technology with mainstream cloud services, paving the way for innovative and diverse applications in the blockchain space.

Could you highlight the best ways in which tech businesses can utilize Web3 infrastructure in their operations?

Web3 infrastructure offers a lot of exciting possibilities for tech businesses. From decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to more secure supply chain management and data authentication processes, the applications are broad and diverse.

At Ankr, we help these businesses by offering scalable, secure blockchain nodes, API services and tailor-made blockchain solutions. This allows them to integrate Web3 into their operations smoothly and efficiently.

With the tech world increasingly exploring the automation of smart contracts, could you provide insights into how this technology could benefit various business sectors?

Smart contract automation is a game-changer in various sectors. It minimizes the need for manual processes, boosts efficiency and provides a new level of transparency and enforceability in contracts.

This is incredibly useful in industries like finance, where smart contracts can streamline transactions, or in real estate and supply chain management, where they can enhance reliability and trust in transactions.

With the potential of blockchain to revolutionize social media, is Ankr exploring any initiatives or partnerships in this area?

Yes, we're actively exploring initiatives and partnerships to integrate blockchain into social media.

Our focus is on creating decentralized applications that offer better control over data privacy, ensure the authenticity of content, and empower users with more governance capabilities than traditional social media platforms.

How do you foresee blockchain transforming social media?

Blockchain has the potential to redefine how we interact with social media entirely. It's about bringing in more transparency, giving users control over their data, and even tackling issues like fake news by verifying content.

I believe we're moving towards a more democratic and fair social media world with blockchain.

Beyond the technical aspects, what communication channels have proven most effective for blockchain companies in attracting traffic?

Regarding communication channels, we've found that a mix of social media, community forums and industry blogs works best in reaching out to our audience. Participating in blockchain events and webinars is also vital.

It's all about creating a solid online presence and engaging actively with the community to attract traffic and build new business relationships.

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